Our School

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of the pupils, staff and governors, I warmly welcome you and your child to St. John the Evangelist Catholic Academy.  At St. John the Evangelist our priority is to provide a warm, caring community where all children feel happy and secure. We aim for all children to fulfil their potential through a learning environment that fosters a love of learning and in which skills of creativity, independence and collaboration are developed.

We hope that every child who attends St. John the Evangelist Catholic Academy will strive to reach their best and will have the self confidence to go on to build on this foundation in the future.  We aim to try to provide a rich and varied range of learning opportunities both within and outside of school for all children.  We try to give children a range of responsibilities where they can lead initiatives and take a full and active role in school life.

Our academy prides itself on being a very inclusive school in its broadest sense. This ensures we all continually learn to support each other whilst having compassion and empathy for those who may have different needs to our own.

As parents, you are vital partners in the work we do.  It is important that we build a firm relationship between home and school to ensure our children achieve their potential. We hope you will work with us to make this possible and look forward to a successful partnership between you, your child and us.

This section will give you a flavour of life at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Academy, but really to get to know the school you need to see it working. You are most welcome to come and visit and see us in action!



Mrs H. Butters