Curriculum design and development

Our approach to curriculum development.

Each subject at St John’s has a subject leader responsible for designing and continually developing curriculum approaches.

Our Subject Leaders are listed below:

Leader Subject
Mrs Stewart Pupil Premum, IT, Whole School.
Mrs Meakin FS, KS1, SENCO,  Phonics
Mr Smith PE and Geography
Mrs Stonier Maths
Mrs James English
Mrs Halstead Science and MFL
Mrs Rodgers D&T and Art
Mrs Amison Music
Miss Moran RE, PHSE, History


Each Subject Leader has, during this academic year, looked closely at where each subject is and developed an action plan to allow it to continually develop.  Subject Leaders share their plans with our Local Academy Committee Link Members so that our plans are scrutinised and challenged.

Subject Leaders look at how each subject is taught across the school and develop staff approaches through making recommendations on content and delivery.

Our curriculum is now being supported by our work with the local Maths Hub (Painsley Group), work with Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) in English, Science and PE so that we can develop a curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils and allows them to remember more and apply their skills across the curriculum.

Additional work will take place with SLE colleagues in other subject areas as we progress through the year.

Subject Leaders are working on the skills that pupils should know within each subject and how these progress across the school.  Subject Leaders are also tasked with looking at how we can support children that are more able or talented in each subject as well as those children who require additional support to reach expectations.