Every pupil at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Academy has the opportunity to follow all National Curriculum subjects.

We are committed to narrowing the attainment gap between SEND and non-SEND pupils. We do this through a variety of different provisions which may include after school interventions, short-term specific interventions, home-school interventions and other learning interventions developed on an individual needs basis.

Area Of Need All pupils where appropriate (Wave 1) Catch-Up (Wave 2) SEN (Wave 3)
Cognition and Learning Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery and outcome.

Increased visual aids/modelling etc

Visual timetables

Use of writing frames

Access to at least 1 TA in each year group.

TA support for Literacy and Numeracy

Pre-cuing sessions for Literacy and Numeracy

Phonic Catch-up group

Dyscalculia (Numeracy)

Beat Dyslexia Programme 30 minutes a day

Better Reading Partners

Springboard Maths

Word and Number Shark

Motor Skills United (Fine motor skills)

Project X

Nessy Spelling

Precision Teaching

1:1 Tuition for Literacy and Numeracy

Highly adapted curriculum for Statement children

Educational Psychologist

Social Stories


Communication and Interaction Differentiated curriculum planning, activities, delivery and outcome. E.g. simplified language

Increased visual aids/modelling etc

Visual timetables

Communicating Print symbols for specific topic based vocabulary.

Structured school and class routines.

Opportunities for talk (partnered/group)

Receptive screening programme (Reception children only)

ICT- Clicker 5 (As appropriate)

Speech and Language Communication Group

Moondogs/Magic Belt Series – comprehension

Talking Partners

Group Educational Plan for targeted children identified by Receptive Screening programme.

Speech and Language support (daily pm, 1:1 SSA)

Life Skills curriculum for Speech and Language statement children.

Speech and Language Therapist



Emotional, Behavioural and Social Whole school behaviour policy based on Assertive Discipline approach.

Behaviour Contact File.

Whole school/class rules.

Class/School reward systems

Circle Time

Individual reward system.

Home/School record (daily)

Anger Management

‘Time to Talk’ Year 1 social skills programme.

Nurture Group



Behaviour contracts

Mentoring (as appropriate)


Social Stories

Weekly Report Card


Sensory and Physical Flexible teaching arrangements.

Easy access around school/classroom.

Writing implements provided.

Pindora’ s Box

Motor Skills United

Physiotherapy programme

Individual support in class during PE

Individual support for toileting (as appropriate)